On Arena Commander delay

Well,  Arena Commander was postponed for a bit. Obviously, I’d love to play it now, but…
Just look at all those people complaining. Are they serious ? It’s like they read

“This date is based on our best possible projections using the latest information put together by Star Citizen’s production team as of this afternoon”


“Sometimes things go wrong and these forecasts change”


“This is why we haven’t had a solid release date yet” (source)


I guess it’s easier to blame CiG, rather than their own lack of comprehension and selective memory, eh ?


Anyway, there’s an thread on the remaining bugs there on /r/starcitizen.  Probably a good place to stay up to date with how the bug squashing advances. Well that and the daily reports we’ll be getting :)


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On Wingman’s hangar 72 (last)

<Wingman>BTW – the last WMH is being shot tomorrow mornign as I am off to the UK tomorrow evening, we are going to do a look back
at the 71 other episodes, it will be a lot of FLUFF and no stuff

Source : xmpp chat, “general” channel

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Star Citizen videos subtitled

Related to my previous post, a lot of Star-Citizen-related videos are being subtitled by fans. The main thread of this project is available here.

Videos categories includes :

Official CiG videos

  • Wingman’s hangar (currently ep 50 to 58 are available)
  • Ten for the chairman (all)
  • The next great starship (all)
  • Ship commercials (Aurora, 300, Hornet)
  • Meet the developers / TNGS meet the judges
  • Various (making of, visit of the various dev offices, etc)

Fan videos

  • The Hull Truth (ep 18 & 19)

Speaking of which, The Hull Truth is a weekly recap of all official news of the SC universe.
Did I mention that I’m a big fan of them ? :)

“Ten for the Chairman” now transcribed

Hello, long time no see~

Written transcriptions of the “Ten for the Chairman” videos are being made and updated ! They are available on this forum topic.

As a Citizen who has trouble understanding spoken english : Hell yeah, finally !

On interplanetary travel

Beedo: @designopotamus; I've heard conflicting statements from devs saying that you can fly between planets within a system, where 
       another has said you'll need to fast travel. Can you clarify please?
Designopotamus: @Beedo: you _can_, but it will take a loooooooooooong time.

source : chatroll, 15 july 2013 20:50 UTC.

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On the Hangar module testing

From today’s Hangover :

Q : Is the hangar module supposed to be offline or an online component we will log into?
A : The hangar module will be installed on your desktop, but you’ll have to log and go online to populate it

Source : Wingman’s live Hangover (5 july 2013)

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On atmospheric flight

If amospheric flight is one day added in Star Citizen, it won’t be in the initial release of the game.

Quote :

Chris’ take on atmospheric flight is one of the things that convinced ME to trust Chris Roberts early on! Because it was something he specifically ruled out — in the midst of talking about all the amazing features, things that seemed impossible… he was VERY clear that atmospheric flight couldn’t be part of the initial game. That it was beyond the scope of his vision right now, although he thought it was cool and wanted to do it someday. Which is to say that Star Citizen wasn’t going to be all “that’s cool we’ll do that” — it had a specific idea.

Now I know Chris can see doing atmospheric flight (and planetary exploration) someday. A few of you mentioned doing it in a limited way. I don’t think that’s in him–a Chris Roberts game would have to do all that stuff RIGHT. So, it’s a good bit further down the road, but it’s on our minds just like it is yours.

Source : Ben Lesnick, forum, July 2nd 2013.

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